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Proctor Phair Lawyers has been in practice since 1962 and collectively we have 80 years experience and can provide you with advice and represent you in the following areas of practice:

Personal Property Securities

We can provide you with advice on the Personal Property Securities legislation, including the concept of attachment and enforceability against third parties also remedies, including seizure and disposal or retention of collateral, power of sale, application of enforcement proceeds, rights of redemption and reinstatement, exclusions from the enforcement provisions of Personal Property Securities Act, and contracting out of Personal Property Securities Act enforcement provisions and priorities between security interests, including default priority rules, priority of perfected and unperfected interests, priority time, priority of purchase money security interests, and priority of creditors and purchasers of negotiable instruments, chattel paper and negotiable documents of title.


We can provide you with advice on the registration of security interests on the Personal Property Securities Register, including timing and effectiveness of registration, perfection, defects in registration, access to the register, amendment of registrations and correction of registration errors, searching the register, and review of registration decisions.


We can prepare for you documents covered by the personal property securities legislation including fixed charges, floating charges, chattel mortgages, conditional sale agreements, hire purchase agreements, pledges, security trust deeds, trust receipts, consignments of goods, leases of goods, assignments, transfer of title, and deemed security interests.

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