Solicitors and Barristers

We believe that every person is entitled to have the benefit of good legal advice for a reasonable fee

Proctor Phair Lawyers has been in practice since 1962 and collectively we have 80 years experience and can provide you with advice and represent you in the following areas of practice:

Consumer Law

We can assist you and help manage your risk and protect you in relation to consumer credit including hire-purchase, loan contracts, consumer credit agreements, pawnbroking, debt recovery and collection agencies, conditional sale, regulation of consumer credit businesses, security relating to consumer credit, and rules relating to termination of such agreements and contracts.


We can assist you in the law relating to the sale of goods, including acceptance of goods, buyer’s duties, obligations, rights and remedies, condition of the goods and statutorily implied terms, contract for sale of goods, delivery, financing of the transaction, manufacturers’ and product liability, passing of the property, payment, and seller’s duties, obligations, rights and remedies.

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