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We believe that every person is entitled to have the benefit of good legal advice for a reasonable fee

Proctor Phair Lawyers has been in practice since 1962 and collectively we have 80 years experience and can provide you with advice and represent you in the following areas of practice:

Will and Estate Planning

We have considerable experience in and can provide good advice on the legal considerations relating to wills, including the general nature of a will, construction of will, testator, donees and beneficiaries, conditional wills, joint and mutual wills, requirements for a valid will, rectification of wills, codicils, revocation, republication and revival and setting aside of wills.
We can provide you with sound advice relating to the provision for families and dependents including applicants and the right to bring a claim against the will or estate, including eligibility to apply, criteria in determining entitlement, legal rights, anti-avoidance provisions, court applications procedure, family provision orders, general and specific guidelines and reasonable financial provision.


We can also provide to you advice to manage your risk and protect you in relation to gifts, including concurrent gifts, conditional gifts and options, contingent gifts, demonstrative gifts, general gifts, gifts of property, gifts of residue, gifts of shares, gifts to charities, gifts to children and young people, gifts to persons in fiduciary relationship, inter-vivos gifts, pecuniary gifts, and vested gifts.


We can give you advice relating to intestacy and order of succession in cases of intestacy including entitlement of surviving spouses, and partial intestacy.


We have considerable experience and are able to provide you with sound advice in relation to the administration of estates and the role of administrators and executors, including grants of representation, devolution on personal representative, appointment of personal representative, collection of the deceased’s assets, recovery of money for administration of the estate, distribution of the estate, duties, rights, liabilities and powers of personal representatives and of the estate, estate’s solvency status, removal, suspension or death of personal representative and completion of administration.


We can provide advice onĀ  contentious probate and trusts, non-contentious probate and trusts, annuities and protective trusts, and taxation of trusts and estates.

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